Watering can plans

Two 18-litre square-section cooking oil tins, one for the can, one for the spout
2 x 5 x 32cm wood for the handle
Four 1" woodscrews to secure the handle

Fig. 1 Top view -- leave the "front" part of the lid in place to prevent the water splashing out.
Fig. 1 Top view

Fig. 2 Fitting the spout -- templates

Top: cut the metal for the wider end of the spout to this shape. Make it 1cm longer than needed, then make 1cm-deep snips into the end every 1cm. When the spout's assembled and fitted into the hole in the can, splay the snips out to make a joint, then solder inside and out. The metal should be 19cm wide at the end to allow 1.5cm for joining flaps -- see bottom right: fold, bend over, flatten, solder.

Bottom left: Stick this template over the bottom corner of the can and cut a hole this shape for the spout.

Fig. 2 Fitting the spout -- templates

Fig. 3 The end of the spout should be level with the top of the can, and 54cm away from it.
Fig. 3 Side view

This is the plan for the green watering can on the right

Solidly soldered, the spout doesn't need wires to support it.

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