of Health

a study of a very
healthy people


G.T. Wrench, M.D. (Lond.)

Originally printed in 1938
The C. W. Daniel Company Ltd.
Forty Great Russell Street, W.C.1

A Man of Hunza
Reproduced with kind permission from "Unknown Karakoram" by Colonel R.C.F. Schomberg (Martin Hopkinson, Ltd., London)

IN THE DEEPEST FOLD of the earth's surface where four great mountain ranges meet lies the valley of Hunza. On this narrow strip of fertile soil lives a virile and cheerful people who persist in remaining free from disease, and are unsurpassed in health by any other nation in the world. What is the secret of the Hunza health?

By approaching the problem of disease from the unusual angle of a study of a perfectly healthy people, their diet and their way of life, Dr. Wrench is able to show that health depends on environmental wholeness, of which a whole diet is the vital factor, and that a whole diet means not only the right sorts of foods, but their right cultivation as well.

An examination of the agricultural technique of the most successful cultivators of East and West shows what an essential part of the wheel of health -- from man to soil, from soil to plant, from plant to man -- is the farmer's renewal and protection of the soil.

The Wheel of Health is the result of matured thought carrying conviction, and puts forward a total view of health and its attainment. Dr.Wrench has co-ordinated the experiments of Sir Robert McCarrison, Sir Albert Howard, the Papworth Settlement, the food-growing experiments at Surfleet and elsewhere, and the findings of scientists, agriculturalists and travellers in order to show how we can become a disease-free people living our lives to the full.


Table of Contents
1. The Hunza People
2. A Revolution in Outlook
3. The Transference to Experimental Science
4. The Start
5. Continuity and Heredity
6. Other Whole-Diet Experiments
7. Fragmentation
8. The Causation of Disease
9. The Hunza Food and its Cultivation
Part I -- Food

Part II -- Cultivation
10. Progress by Recoil
11. An Entire Experiment


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