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See Seeds of the world for resources on seed saving and heritage seeds.

Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs, one stop for all the mail-order gardening catalogs in the US and Canada -- over 1,900 of them! Check here first to find the company and see its ratings for quality, service, price and breadth of varieties. Links to other gardening sites and mail-order companies outside North America.

ICanGarden online database of gardening catalogs, search by province/state (US and Canada), by country, by keyword or by category -- everything from Alpines to Worms. Also a bookshop, online gardening forums, newsletters and more:

The Organic Gardening Catalogue from Britain's
HDRA -- the organic association, free copy sent by mail, order it online.
Buy direct online:

Johnny's Selected Seeds have their own certified organic trial and research farm in Maine for seed production and to grow, breed, and evaluate over 4,000 new and experimental varieties each year. Catalog has 1,200 items. Vegetables, medicinal and culinary herbs, flowers,

Territorial Seed Company -- good variety of vegetables and herb seeds, flowers, mixes, grasses, cover crops, transplants and jump-starts, large selection of gardening supplies. Secure interactive online catalog. Also useful Planting Charts.

Seeds of Change: Certified Organic Seeds, Bulbs and Food -- founded in 1987 to foster plant life and bio-diversity. Offers certified organic, open-pollinated seeds to the public (no GMOs!). A favourite with organic growers. Online seed catalog with over 1,500 different seed varieties including many Heirloom, Traditional, Medicinal and Original seed varieties. Garden tools, books. (US and Canada only.) -- Seeds from Around the World. SBE is a family owned and operated seed business serving home gardeners, university botanical departments and research facilities worldwide. Thousands of seed listings on this site, loads of categories, and its own search engine. Seed site with depth: Heirloom/Open Pollinated Vegetable Seeds sealed in poly bags with two year guaranteed shelf life, Seeds for a Bee and Butterfly Garden, Seeds for a Bible Garden, Chinese/Japanese/Korean Stir-fry Vegetables, Seeds for Chinese Medicinal Plants, Seeds for a Herbal Tea Garden, Medicinal Herbs and Healing Plants, Ornamental Grass seeds from around the world -- it goes on and on and on. Also tree seeds.

Heirloom Seeds -- California Grown Certified Organic Seeds

ATTRA lists suppliers of organic, non-genetically engineered, and heirloom (open-pollinated) vegetable, flower, and other seeds in the US and Canada.

organicXseeds database by Organic Europe lists organic seed and transplants supplied by seed companies from all over Europe, guaranteed free of genetic engineering, plants adapted to organic farming conditions.

Hong Kong seeds
There are three seed shops in Connaught Road, just west of Sheung Wan MTR exit -- keep walking west past the refurbished Western Market and you'll find them.

Mint in a basket

Richters Herbs -- Medicinal, Culinary, Aromatic -- plants and seeds, organic seeds, online catalogue. This is a great website, packed with information on the wonderful subject of herbs. Also publishes Richters HerbLetter, sent to you by email, a real treasurehouse, top of its class by far.

Herbin' Center Greenhouse and Nursery -- Herbs: Medicinal, Culinary, and Aromatic, custom growing, wholesale and retail. A-Z online herb catalog, printable Seed Record, Plan a tea garden, articles, herb books.


"Seed Savers' Handbook" by Michel & Jude Fanton, 1993
Without dedicated seed savers, our staple foods would not exist. Such seed resources are only safe in the hands of people who save and grow them and eat their bounty; they are lost in "collections" or storage, or in hybrids wholly owned by multinationals. The Fantons, founders of Australia's SeedSaver's Network, show how gardeners can protect our global food heritage -- and eat it too. They describe the seed collecting, growth cycles, propagation, cultivation and traditional kitchen and medicinal uses of over one hundred vegetables, culinary herbs and edible flowers. From ECHO's Global Bookstore:

"New Seed-Starters Handbook" by Nancy Bubel, 1988, Rodale Press, ISBN 0-87857-752-1
Turn to this book for the most complete, up-to-date information on starting plants from seed. Written by a gardener with 30 years of experience, this easy-to-use reference explains everything you need to know to start seeds and raise healthy seedlings successfully. From ECHO's Global Bookstore:

More good resources on seeds and seed saving from ECHO:

"Heirloom Vegetable Gardening -- A Master Gardener's Guide to Planting, Seed Saving, and Cultural History" by William Woys Weaver, 1997, Henry Holt & Company, ISBN 0805040250
Lists 280 varieties of vegetables, all organically grown by Weaver. He has researched the traditional kitchen garden over the course of 30 years. Old fashioned recipes, research on the introduction of these vegetables, color photographs and line drawings. Weaver maintains his own collection of over 2,000 varieties of vegetables, herbs and flowers. From Powell's Books

City farms

Organic gardening
Why organic?
Building a square foot garden
Plant spacing guides
No ground? Use containers
When to sow what
Garden pond
Gardening resources

Making compost
Composting resources
Composting indoors
Composting for small farms

Small farms
Small farm resources
Community-supported farms
Farming with trees
Farming with animals
Pigs for small farms
Poultry for small farms
Aquaculture for small farms
Composting for small farms
Controlling weeds and pests

Small farms library

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