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Tai Long Wan
-- Tales from a vanishing village


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Tea money

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Back to basics

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Forbidden fruit

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A place where nothing happens

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No sugar

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Treasure in a bowl of porridge

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Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
-- Journalist follows his nose
Nutrient Starved Soils Lead To Nutrient Starved People

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Cecil Rajendra
A Third World Poet and His Works

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Leave the farmers alone
Book review of "Indigenous Agricultural Revolution -- Ecology and Food Production in West Africa", by Paul Richards

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A timeless art
Some of the finest objects ever made

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Health hazards dog progress in electronics sector
The dark side of electronics -- what happens to the health of workers on the production line

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Mo man tai ('No problem')
-- "Write whatever you like" -- a weekly column in Hong Kong Life magazine Oct. 1994-Jan. 1996

Swag bag
Death of a Toyota

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Zebra Crossing
-- On the wrong side of South Africa's racial divide.

Kwela Jake
Sold into slavery
Finding Tom Hark
Return of the Big Voice
Brother Jake

Curriculum Vitae


Health hazards in electronics: A handbook

by Thomas H. Gassert, ed. Keith Addison
Publisher: Asia Monitor Resource Centre, 1985
ISBN: 9627145017
Quick-reference, action-oriented, thorough information on health hazards faced by workers.
Available from Asia Monitor Resource Center
See article

American Express Pocket Guide to Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok
Fred S Armentrout, Keith Addison
Mitchell Beazley
ISBN: 0855336382
John Wiley & Sons Inc
ISBN: 0130287628

An Appetite for Power: Buthelezi's Inkatha and South Africa
Gerhard Mare, Georgina Hamilton, ed. Keith Addison
November 1987
Catholic Institute for International Relations
ISBN: 0869753282
Ravan P, S Africa
ISBN: 0869753134
Indiana University Press
ISBN: 0253308127
"Buthelezi is chief minister of Kwazulu (a South African bantustan), a chief of the Zulu nation, and president of Inkatha (his political organization competing with the African National Congress). Many see him as a moderate and important black leader, and this book is an attempt to evaluate the man and Inkatha. Mare (University of Natal) and Hamilton (a journalist) contend that Buthelezi is a would-be dictator concerned only with self-aggrandizement who stands for ideas inimical to the African revolution, such as power-sharing with the present regime and the retention of a free-market economy in South Africa. Recommended for academic collections. Paul H. Thomas, Hoover Inst. Lib., Stanford, Cal." -- Library Journal

Fruit of the Vine: The Human Cost of South African Wine
Photographs by Orde Eliason, text ed. Keith Addison
Catholic Institute for International Relations
ISBN: 0946848734

Rule of Fear: Human Rights in South Africa
Ed. Keith Addison, cover and text design Keith Addison
Catholic Institute for International Relations
ISBN 1852870567
Originally published in South Africa in 1989 by the Human Rights Commission, the South African Council of Churches and the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference under the title "Human Rights and Repression in South Africa - the Apartheid Machine Grinds On". Many chapters first presented as papers at the Bonn Human Rights in South Africa conference organised in June 1989 by the Association of West European Parliamentarians for Action against Apartheid.

Mycobacterial disease: developments in serodiagnosis and therapy
Ed. Keith Addison
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam (KIT)
ISBN: 9068320211

Staying Healthy in the Tropics
J.F.M. de Groot
English edition ed. Keith Addison
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam (KIT)
ISBN: 9068320246

In the Tropics with Children
F.G. Ory, H.W.A. Verhoeve, J.C.M. Stigter
English edition ed. and rewritten by Keith Addison
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam (KIT)
ISBN: 9068320238

Tropical Agriculture: Selected Handbooks
Ed. Keith Addison
CTA - Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation
Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam (KIT)
ISBN: 9068326279

Women in Rural Development - An Annotated Bibliography
Ed. Keith Addison
Department of Information and Documentaion, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam (KIT)
ISBN: 9068327003

Pre-Columbian Collections in Dutch Museums: Inventory and Historical Perspective
Roswitha Manning
Ed. and rewritten by Keith Addison
Tropenmuseum, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam (KIT)
ISBN: 9068322125

Health for All? Evaluation and monitoring in a comprehenive Primary Health Care project in Columbia
P.E.M. Engelkes
Ed., design, typesetting, Keith Addison
Rural Development Programme, Division of Primary Health Care, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam (KIT)
ISBN: 9068320270

On This Day : The History of the World in 366 Days
by Keith Addison, lead author and planner, ed. Sian Facer
Octopus Illustrated Publishing Limited (Hamlyn), Random House
ISBN: 0600575160
ISBN: 0517073315

"Photographs, articles, amusing anecdotes, and snippets from diaries and speeches record the famous and infamous, great and trivial, events and personalities of history--from Julius Caesar to Donald Trump -- in a day-by-day, newspaper-style format."

"A fascinating glimpse of our world, one day at a time."

On the international bestseller lists for nine months.

Divine Madness: Mohammed Abdulle Hassan of Somalia (1856-1920)
Abdi Sheik-Abdi
Ed., typesetting Keith Addison
Zed Books
ISBN: 0862324432
ISBN: 0862324440

Beyond the Impasse: New Directions in Development Theory
Ed. Frans J. Schuurman
Edited and typeset by Keith Addison
Zed Books
ISBN: 1856492109
ISBN: 1856492095

Women and Chinese Patriarchy: Submission, Servitude and Escape
Eds. Maria Jaschok & Suzanne Miers
Edited and typeset by Keith Addison
Zed Books, Hong Kong University Press
ISBN: 1856491269
"Through the centuries, Chinese women and girls have been transferred, bought and sold for marriage, concubinage, domestic service and prostitution in China and amongst overseas Chinese communities. Although this traffic was apparently stamped out after World War II, it has reappeared in China on a large scale since the mid-1970s. This is a study of the forms of servitude to which Chinese women have been subjected and the avenues of escape open to them. Based on original documentation, oral testimony and personal experience, this work includes eye-witness accounts of the women concerned, their owners, missionary rescuers and those who escaped."

An East India Company Cemetery: Protestant Burials in Macao
Lindsay and May Ride
Ed., project manager, Keith Addison
Hong Kong University Press
ISBN: 9622093841
"The 160 gravestones in the Old Protestant Cemetery in Macao read as pages of history from the Western world's encounter with China a century and a half ago. Many of the major figures of the time are buried here. The history of the lives and deaths of these British, European and American residents and visitors during the turbulent events that led to the Opium War and the founding of Hong Kong is not one that can be told in epitaphs alone, especially when many of the epitaphs are barely legible after more than 150 years of weathering. Lindsay and May Ride spent long hours deciphering the fading messages and investigating the backgrounds of the deceased. The. result is not only an essential guide to the cemetery but a richly peopled account of a fascinating period of history."

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