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Community development
Poverty and hunger
Rural development

City farms
Resources for city farms

Organic gardening
Why organic?
The case for organics: Scientific studies and reports
Building a square foot garden
Milly's Bug Juice
Plant spacing guides
No ground? Use containers
Container Farming -- Organic food production in the slums of Mexico City
When to sow what
Seed sowing and harvesting times for Hong Kong
Garden pond
Gardening resources
- Square foot gardens
- Companion planting
- How much to grow?
- General gardening
- Herbs

Making compost
Composting resources
Composting indoors
Vermicomposting resources
Composting for small farms
School composting
Peat moss

Small farms
Small farm resources
- Back to the land -- a 140-year trend
- Small farms
- Organics
- Soil management
- Sustainable farming
- General
- Food storage and preservation
- Useful databases
Community-supported farms
Farming with trees
Farming with animals
Pigs for small farms
Poultry for small farms
Poultry resources
Aquaculture for small farms
Composting for small farms
Controlling weeds and pests

Small Farms Library

The Darwin of nutrition -- Weston A. Price

En español -- Biocombustibles, biodiesel
Biofuels library
Biofuels supplies and suppliers

Make your own biodiesel
Mike Pelly's recipe
Two-stage biodiesel process
FOOLPROOF biodiesel process
Biodiesel processors
Biodiesel in Hong Kong

Biodiesel in Hong Kong - News Stories
Nitrogen Oxide emissions
Natural vegetable soap
Biodiesel resources on the Web
Do diesels have a future?
Are diesels "old technology"?
Diesel motorbikes
Vegetable oil yields and characteristics
Fixed oils
Test papers
Making lye from wood ash
Biodiesel and your vehicle
Food or fuel?
The best car in the world
Diesels in the US
Straight vegetable oil as diesel fuel

The TDI-SVO controversy
Straighter-than-straight vegetable oils as diesel fuels
Heaters, burners, stoves

Ethanol resources on the Web
Is ethanol energy-efficient?

Wood gas -- producer gas

Solar box cookers
Solar cooker resources on the web
Solar box cookers for schools

Trees, soil and water
In the news
Not in the news
References and resources
Trees for deserts: Henry Doubleday Research Association
Trees and forests -- resources for schools

Seeds of the world

Appropriate technology
Appropriate technology resources
- Agriculture resources
- Wood resources
Wood fires that fit
Cookstove for schools
Houses that fit
Water-powered water pumps
Journey to Forever and AT
- Chinese watering cans
- Handmade Project Watering can plans
- Hoe for victory!
- Billhooks and sickles
A better rat trap
- Rats and owls
- Chinese rat trap
- How to make a Chinese rat trap
- Bucket rat trap
Appropriate technology subjects

Project vehicles
Kings off the road
The best car in the world


Why it really matters
Internet interaction
Finding your way in that Big Library in the Sky

Schools projects


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Solar box cookers
- Solar box cookers for schools
Backpack stove
- Backpack stove page
- Hobo stove
- PicoTurbine page
Low-tech radio
- Crystal radio page
What to do with a cardboard carton
- What to do with a cardboard carton page
Sisters of silk
- Sisters of silk - Hong Kong's Chinese Amahs
Silkworms in a shoebox
- Silkworms in a shoebox page
- Mulberry trees
- Kids' crazes
School gardens
- School gardens
- School gardening resources
School composting
- School composting
Trees and forests
- Trees and forests - resources for schools
The Beach House fish pond
- Fish pond
- Quack grass
- Handmade Organic Mosquito Repellent (HOMeR)
- How heavily do you tread upon the world?

Schools programs on the Web
Schools resources on the Web


FYI - News that's not in the news
FYI - News that's not in the news: previous articles

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Keith Addison
Curriculum Vitae

Tai Long Wan
- Tales from a vanishing village
Tea money
Back to basics
Forbidden fruit
A place where nothing happens
No sugar
Treasure in a bowl of porridge

Hong Kong and Southeast Asia
- Journalist follows his nose
Nutrient Starved Soils Lead To Nutrient Starved People
- Bio-intensive gardening cuts malnutrition in the Philippines
Cecil Rajendra: A Third World Poet and His Works
Leave the farmers alone
A timeless art
Health hazards dog progress in electronics sector

Death of a Toyota

Zebra Crossing
- On the wrong side of South Africa's racial divide
Kwela Jake
Sold into slavery
Finding Tom Hark
Return of the Big Voice
Brother Jake

Mo man tai ('No problem')
"Write whatever you like" - a weekly column in Hong Kong Life magazine

Midori Hiraga
Curriculum Vitae

How I became a Third World journalist

Published stories: English
On the 50th anniversary of Hiroshima
Japanese use holiday to purge guilt over the past
Chinese migrant's battle to obtain degree
Filipino arts group shares message of hope and justice

Published stories: Japanese
Hong Kong's handover 1997
"We are not products" Foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong
Life as the only Japanese reporter on an English newspaper in Hong Kong

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